Prinsesa Selected for School Program

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Prinsesa in schools!  We are honored to be selected for Canada’s anti-homophobia education program: “Out in Schools.”


All across the province, select LGBT films will be shown to engage students in conversations around homophobia, transphobia, bullying, race, and gender. Two screenings yesterday! (Photo)

This means a lot to us. Thank you!

For more information, please visit www.OutInSchools.com

Voice of America Radio Interviews

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In June 2014, Voice of America radio program featured two interviews about Prinsesa:

Interview with Director DREW STEPHENS:

Excerpted from the original broadcast June 19, 2014 at



Interview with co-writers CONRAD PANGANIBAN and EMMANUEL ROMERO:

Excerpted from the original broadcast on June 11, 2014
at http://www.voanews.com/audio/Audio/420656.html

Voice of America content reaches more than 164 million people a week through its radio broadcasts and web-based podcasts. Visit their web page at www.VOAnews.org

“Prinsesa” Children’s Book – Profits to Philippine Typhoon Relief

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‘Prinsesa,’ a book about a Filipino-American boy who wants to be a princess, is now available on Amazon, with all proceeds this month donated to disaster relief in the Philippines.

RDM Studios, the creative force behind the upcoming short film “Prinsesa,” is proud to announce the release of a children’s mini-novelization of the movie.
“Prinsesa: The Boy Who Dreamed of Being a Princess,” is now available for purchase at Amazon.com.

Drew Stephens, director and co-writer of the short film, and creator of the Prinsesa story, and his fiancée,  Executive Producer Manolo Aquino Stephens, made the announcement while in Manila, just a day after one of the worlds worst storms ravaged parts of the country.  “The thoughts of everyone on the Prinsesa team are with those affected by this devastating storm.  The Philippines has always been at the heart of this story; the film … Read More »

“Prinsesa” film idea – the back story

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A film about a child’s gender identity, but inspired by the Singkil dance? How did THAT get started?

According to story author, Drew Stephens, it all began as an homage to one of the Philippines most iconic and colorful traditional tales, the Singkil. For centuries, performers and parents have been handing down stories like the Singkil to new generations, and for good reason. “It is an imaginative and empowering tale, and the kulintang music and precision dancing have made it a long time personal favorite.”

But storytelling can affect each person differently – especially children.  Drew says that he also wanted to honor the difficult questions parents face every day. “Who are the heroes and role models in our stories and why? What if modern children don’t always see themselves in the stories we tell?  What if a little girl doesn’t see herself … Read More »

Artist adds unique style to film

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Award winning artist Marconi Calindas will be adding his unique visual style for the artwork featured in the upcoming short film, “Prinsesa.”

Marconi art has been showcased in major cities around the world, and is recognized for depicting triumphs of the human spirit, including tackling the  sensitive subject of teen bullying and suicide.

For more information, visit www.marconicalindas.com

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