Nominated for "BEST SHORT FILM" in Barcelona, Spain

Nominated for "BEST GAY FILM" at Tucson International

Named "BEST SHORT FILM" in Saint Louis

Screenings in Manila and London

"AUDIENCE AWARD" in San Francisco

Sold out screening at San Diego Asian Film Festival

"OUTSTANDING WRITING" award in San Francisco



Vince discovers that Jerry's past problems with a former obsession have resurfaced.

In the next few minutes, Vince must decide if he will continue to try to salvage the relationship, or accept that he can never measure up to Jerry's desire for Tape 96.

The film is edited with no cuts in time. You experience in real time the 11 minutes where their relationship will be forever changed.

Playing with our tendency to pre-judge what we see, the film dramatically underscores the need for equal marriage rights for all couples.

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