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Our projects are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and are comprised entirely of volunteers.  All acting roles are non-paid, and non-union, unless otherwise specified.

Short film:  “BOUND 4 HEAVEN”

Bound 4 Heaven on



– Shooting March 2018

  • MYRA: 18, Female. Myra is deliberate in thought and action. She is a person of conviction and opinion, but is reluctant to stand out in appearance or speech. Myra is just starting to figure out who she is – including her own bisexual identity – and she’s becoming more comfortable in her own skin. Her Christian faith is important to her, but she does not feel comfortable with the teachings of her church. As this day dawns, Myra desires to face her future honestly – and that includes facing her anxiety over this upcoming church trip to Africa.
  • PASTOR MICHAEL: 50’s? male. He is warm and friendly, but needs to be a serious man. After all, he carries a huge burden on his shoulders – the eternal souls of his flock. And these teens in this youth group are truly as naïve as sheep!
  • THUG 1: 30’s Male. Needs to feel like a big man. Likes to handle his big gun. Some intense lines and action, as he perpetrates a kidnapping and interrogates kids at gunpoint. Later revealed to be a soccer dad.
  • JOANIE: 18, Female. Joanie knows that she is the prettiest girl in the school – just ask her! She lives for fashion, and for the attention of everyone she meets. Joanie may not do well in her classes, but she is smart enough to know how to get people to do things for her.
  • MARK: 18, Male. Handsome & athletic…and a real smart-ass. Bored and disinterested in what the pastor guy has to say, but he’s going to Africa because his dad said so.
  • PETER: 18, Male. Looks up to Mark, but not a sycophant. In fact, he is sure that he can outdo Mark in so many ways…just not sure what ways quite yet.
  • THUG 2: 30’s, Female. Non-speaking role. Wears baggy outfit to appear male.
  • NEIGHBOR: 30’s, Female. Brief, non-speaking role. Woman walking her dog.



Bound 4 Heaven on


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