About Drew

Drew Stephens has written, produced or directed dozens of international television, film and stage  projects (Prinsesa, VDA Tape 96, Nanay’s Lullaby) and was a pioneering member of IBC/True Visions television in Thailand. Drew was the original TV host & segment producer for Electric City in San Francisco, one of the first LGBT television programs in the USA. More recently, Drew has been instrumental in Scary Cow Film Productions, a unique filmmaking co-op providing networking and technical resources to aspiring indie filmmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now focuses on encouraging new filmmakers to get out and tell THEIR stories.

Drew’s films have screened in 20+ countries on on six continents; won awards at film festivals, have been showcased in schools and traveling exhibits; and have been featured on GMA News, Philippine News, Voice of America, AsiaWeek; Outrage and other media. His children’s storybook of “Prinsesa” was an Amazon Top 100 against bullying. (Now on Amazon)

“I consider myself very fortunate to have collaborated with so many talented people throughout my life, and to grow from their creative talent. Now that I am (mostly) retired, I hope to be able to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way, and to be a cheerleader for others to just get out there and… CREATE!”  – Drew

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